The Felderer Family, Fiechterhof, Sarentino Valley

The Felderer Family

Albert: He's the man around the farmstead and also responsible for all the "man's jobs." He has trained as an agricultural technician and he enjoys his work. He is also happy to talk with guests about farm life in the Sarentino Valley and glad to provide assistance and advice whenever needed.

Elisabeth: Is the "soul" of the household and always on the look-out for ways to help her guests and make their stay as pleasant as possible. Every year, she plants lots of flowers and herbs on the farm and in the backyard garden. She's in charge of children and the household and always keeps an eye on the farmstead. She'd be happy to give you some tips on interesting activities in this vacation wonderland.

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Fiechterhof in Sarentino Valley, Farm
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Our three children: Florian (14) is our "junior boss" and always glad to help out wherever he's needed. He enjoys soccer and loves to go mountain-climbing in the Sarentino Valley.

Alexandra (12) looks forward especially to meeting the visiting children, with whom she has made many friends. Her hobbies include reading and music.

Johanna (6) is the littlest one. She's got a lot of energy and is the sunshine of our family. She makes friends easily with visiting children and likes to sing and play with our cats.

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