Farm holidays in South Tyrol - Fiechterhof in Sarentino Valley

Our Farm-Fresh Products

Depending upon the season of the year, we can offer our guests farm-fresh products which we produce ourselves, including:

  • milk from our cows
  • homemade natural yogurt
  • eggs
  • fresh herbs from our garden
  • lettuces and vegetables
  • fruit (plums, apples, and nuts)

Fresh milk, Farm holidays in South Tyrol


Our cows are milked every morning and evening. Their milk is then delivered to the Mila Dairy in Bolzano. Visitors to our farmstead consider our fresh milk a real taste treat, suitable for drinking, cooking, or making into yogurt.

Cream cheese, Farm in South Tyrol, Vacations in Sarentino Valley

Yogurt and Fresh Cheese

Upon request, Elisabeth will be happy to prepare plain yogurt and fresh cheese for you from our milk. Children are welcome to watch these delicious products being made.

Farm fresh eggs, Sarentino Valley


We get our fresh eggs from our chickens, which are allowed to run about free on our farmstead. No breakfast would be complete without our farm-fresh eggs!

Fruit from the Fiechterhof, Sarentino Valley, South Tyrol


Here on the farm, you'll find all kinds of fruits, including apples, cherries, plums, apricots, and nuts. We also use our elderberry, currents and gooseberries, and raspberries to make juices and jams.

Fresh herbs from our garden, Sarentino Valley, South Tyrol

Vegetables and Herbs

Of course, our farmstead wouldn't be complete without our vegetable and herb gardens. You can use these fresh herbs to season your dishes.

South Tyrolean Cuisine, Fiechterhof in Sarentino Valley


If you'd like to cook some South Tyrolean dishes yourself, Elisabeth would be happy to provide you with assistance and advice.

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